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Tampa Palms Vintners Club
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   "Wine is of course, such a pleasant potion that we are naturally inclined to believe it has magical qualities, and the belief can be supported by a successful evening around a dining table."
Terry Reynolds, N.Y. Times Book of Wine

Tampa Palms Vintners Club is the most exclusive "Club within our Club"

Vintners Club Membership Includes:
  • Support and attendance at monthly tasting dinners is fundamental to the purpose of Vintners and continued membership in Vintners requires reasonable attendance. (See schedule)

  • Limited membership to provide higher quality tastings and service.

  • Complimentary end of year dinner strictly limited to Vintners Club members only.

  • In the spirit of the exclusivity of Vintners and the special occasion of each Vintners event, a DRESS CODE is strictly enforced. While jackets for gentlemen are preferred, they are not required, but "Country Club Casual" attire is the standard. For Vintners events this specifically means NO JEANS, NO DENIM, NO SHORTS, NO T-SHIRTS, and NO "FLIP-FLOPS". Please make certain any guests you may bring are made aware of our dress code.

  • Wines may be purchased through the Club or on the Vintners Club website at 5% over Club cost. This is strictly and exclusively limited to Vintners Club members. Non-member guests (including those on the Vintners waiting list) may not purchase wine through the Club.

  • Vintners Club members only and their guests are served in the Tampa Palms Golf and Country Club dining facilities with special Vintners Club wine glasses.

  • Vintners Club members are eligible to purchase a distinctive wine locker for storing their wine purchases at the Club. Members owning wine lockers may store up to four (4) cases of wine at the club; non-locker owners are limited to storing one (1) case of wine at the Club. In addition to the initial price of the locker, a $25/year maintenance fee will be charged to offset the cost of stocking and inventory of stored wine.

  • No corkage or alcohol surcharges added when enjoying wine from your locker or storage while dining at the club. If a Vintners member brings wine to the Club for serving, whether purchased through Vintners or otherwise (in other words, not kept in a locker or in Club storage), a $5 per bottle corkage fee will be charged.

  • $100 per year membership fee - must be renewed annually.

  • Price for each tasting is $35.95 for members and $50.95 for member guests.

  • Vintners Club membership is available only for current members in good standing of Tampa Palms Golf and Country Club.

  • Vintners tasting dinners require prior reservations. Reservations not cancelled within 48 hours of an event will result in a full event charge to the member's account. If a member fails to make prior reservations, and the seating and advanced reservations for the event do not allow for accommodation, the member may regrettably be turned away.

  • The bylaws are available on the website by clicking here.

  • New applications for Vintners Club membership are only accepted through the Vintners Website online application process, and each application is considered in the order it is received. Click here to apply for the waiting list