Argyle Winery

     Thursday May 20, 2010

Reservations Closed
Course Pairing / Description Wine
Hors D Oeuvres Shrimp And Spring Onion Wellington Tarragon And Roasted Pepper Aioli Roasted Chicken And Cashew Spring Roll Thai Spices Sweet Chilli Sauce
Argyle Brut 2006
Appetizer Course Maple-Peach Barbecued Duck Lettuce Wraps Crispy Brioche Cracklins And Roasted Peach Salsa
Argyle Nuthouse Chardonnay 2007
Soup Course Spicy Sausage And Oyster Gumbo Red Rice And Crispy Fried Okra And Anchovy Butter "Bruschetta"
Mr. Reahard, I am trying to follow the notes I have written from our meeting. 18 bottles were purchased on 3/17/11 at wine store/Vintners dinner. Not sure if this is the proper procedure to inform you of wines sold. If correct, then I will submit other orders. If not, let me know. Thanks, Liz Bates, Service Capt. TPG@CC
Argyle Pinot Noir Williamette 2008
Beef Course Gorgonzola And Roasted Onion Crusted New York Strip Bacon And Rosemary Fingerling Potato Hash, Roasted Asparagus And Brandied Carrots With Pinot-Rosemary Reduction
Argyle Pinot Noir Rsv 2006
Dessert Course Warm Butter Croissant Bread Pudding With Spicy Pistachios Pinot Noir Caramel And Vanilla Bean And Roasted Cherry Milkshake
Argyle Pinot Noir Nuthouse Reserve 2006
Special n/a
Argyle '06 ROCO Pinot Noir